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Idle Factory Tycoon Mod is the best apps for this game.Now it’s free for you but u can’t sell .CopyRight Protection!!!Punishment

About this game

Download the game for free and build lots of workstations in your multiple factories that produce cool stuff to collect idle cash. 🏭
The different workstations help grow your factory business and you collect even more idle cash. 👨‍🏭🤑 
Be the operator of your factory business & automate your workflow by hiring managers, so your products will sell automatically. 🔨🔧⚙️ 
Your factory workers continue to run, even when you are offline from the game! 💤 
Improve your machines & productions and your idle cash income increases! 💸💸💸


★ Manage your own factories and automate the workflow to get more idle cash
★ Your workstations continue producing, even when you are offline from the game 💤
★ Invest your idle cash and boost your income 🤑
★ Hire managers to motivate the workstations 😍💪
★ Use Super Cash to improve your resources and sell them at a higher price
★ Open the game every 4 hours to get free Super Cash 💸
★ Manage up to 30 different workstations in each factory (e.g. toaster, battery, car productions and airplanes) 🔨🔧⚙️
★ Use trophies and prestige your factories to increase productivity! ⭐🏆
★ No internet connection needed 📶
★ In-App purchases available

💰💰💰 Become the greatest factory tycoon ever! 💰💰💰

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❤️ Your Idle Factory Tycoon Team ❤️

Idle Factory Tycoon MOD INFO

  • Manage your factory and automate the trade. Games provide a manual for players when you have questions about a problem.
  • Use the interest you earn to invest in other items to increase your income
  • You can also rent land, rent management for the operation of stations such as toasters, coffee machines, where to sell car accessories.
  • Try to win many prizes and unlock the tools, tools that are useful for your trade.
  • Finally, the most convenient thing for the player is that you can still play it even when offline.

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